California fake ID card California fake ID card

California fake ID card

Price:  $100
Group Price
  • 2-3 Cards, $90.00 Each
  • 4-9 Cards, $70.00 Each
  • 10+ Cards, $60.00 Each

The front of the California ID card is printed with a golden bear with a white star in the upper right corner, and all ID cards that meet the REAL ID requirements must have this white star.
On the right side of the ID card, there is a pale image depicting a 49 year old miner, an orchard, and a mountain range.
California state flower, golden poppy flower, located in the bottom left corner of the photo, sailboat on the right side of the photo, including laser perforated bear and state map.
The background of the ID card features a large image of California.
Basic information such as name, address, date of birth, and gender are also included on the front of the card.
The issuance and expiration date of the ID card are also listed on the front of the card.
Improved date of birth and signature.
The card has a QR code, barcode, and magnetic stripe that can be scanned to verify identity.
The Golden Gate Bridge and the Koit Tower symbolize San Francisco, while sailboats and docks represent the state’s marine culture.
The date of birth is located in the upper left corner of the cardholder’s photo.
The brightly lit Golden Gate Bridge and Coin Tower are located in the center of fake identity cards in California.
In the upper right corner of the card, there is a blue “ghosting” image, which is a transparent image that includes a photo of the cardholder.

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